Monday, March 21, 2011


This is a terrific "traditional" preschool/toddler craft that we love to usher in spring!

We used old fashioned clothespins, but any type would work.

Q painted each one a different color with watercolor paint. (no pics because I was helping her hold the pins as she painted.)

After they dried, we raided my tissue paper stash, folded up a square (about 6X6 in?) and shoved it in the opening....I fluffed them several different ways to get varying wing shapes. We hung these in our doorway.....LOVE how pretty and light and airy they are and the ambiance they bring to our learning room!

Q was so proud to show Daddy her butterflies!

For infants--make one or two or a whole flock to hang above their crib, changing area, highchair, etc.! You can use these to introduce the concept of butterfly (and teach them the sign, while you're at it!), vocabulary such as wings, fly, and you can talk to them about the what, where, and why of butterflies. Then point them out to your little one when you're outside!!

For Preschoolers--allow them to make these independently--they can add more elements, such as drawing on eyes, pipecleaner antenna, etc. They could also paint or draw on their tissue paper to look like a particular species of butterfly.
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