Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I cut some big clovers out of green paper. (To get my template I googled "shamrock cookie cutter," copied a picture of one into Word, resized it to be really big, printed it, cut it out, and used it to trace and make more on green paper).

I put out green, yellow and white paint and Q had fun painting the clovers. Once they were painted I gave her two shakers of glitter and showed her how to shake it onto the wet paint. We'll hang our pretty shamrocks in the dining room window!

This was a fun and simple art project to start off the month!

Preschoolers could have fun painting, as well and could perhaps do the tracing and cutting themselves. For infants--what about making a few shamrocks to hang from a string above the changing table, crib or play mat for baby to watch them move in the breeze! You can talk with baby about the shape and the color--providing excellent vocabulary!

PS) Whenever I don't have the color paper I want, I just paint on newspaper we keep in our recycle box. It wrinkles up a bit when wet, but once it dries I flatten it down with a book on top of it for about a day and it does great!