Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bottle Cap Recycled Caterpillar (or snake...)

Q had a little "spring party" last week with a couple of her friends her age. For a project we made some little bottlecap snakes/caterpillars with a stash of caps (milk caps, soda caps, etc.) I'd been saving.
Here's now:
*drill a hole in each cap big enough for the string to go through
*tie a bead on the bottom of the string
*have your child help thread caps on the string, all going the same direction
*end with a large wooden bead
*tie off the string, leaving lots leftover for pulling
*draw a face on the caterpillar/snake

It makes a GREAT clicking sound when dragged. My 2.5 year old loves pulling it around, and I can image a "just walker" would REALLY love this! A great way to practice balance while walking with an object.
Non walkers (younger infants) would need the pull string left off to prevent choking. They would enjoy manipulating the caps and examining the various sizes and textures. The pull string could be added later on by just tying it onto the wooden bead.

Preschoolers could make a "pattern snake," using the caps to repeat a pattern of their choosing. The caps could also be painted with a permanent acrylic craft paint!

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