Sunday, May 9, 2010


I introduced Q to glue this week. I like to use both gluestick and bottled liquid glue with toddlers and preschoolers.
Initially I teach gluing by hand-over-hand demonstration. I put the gluestick in Q's hand and use my hand over hers to guide her. I say aloud what I am doing. I also teach her to turn the gluestick down so the glue is "hiding" after each use, and to turn it up so the glue is "peeking" (barely visable over the top) when she's ready to use the glue. This helps prevent glue from being twisted all the way up and mashed onto the paper. I cut up tissue pieces and we glued them onto a paper flower cutout.

After using the gluestick, we got out bottled glue. I asked Q where she wanted to put the buttons (one by one). She pointed, I squeezed "a dot-not a lot", and she stuck down the buttons onto this butterfly cutout.
Sidenote--I always keep a small, moist sponge nearby when doing art projects. It worked great for wiping glue off her fingers between buttons and also off the table.

Typically in Early Childhood settings the rule of thumb is to display children's artwork at their eye level. However, because I didn't want Q to pick off the buttons and eat them, I taped these out of her reach in the playroom.
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