Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This is actually part of one of our wedding centerpieces. So I learned something important--don't use an old styrofoam ball or it will disintegrate all over when you touch it. :)

For this work, the child can take the flowers out and put them back into the styrofoam. They practice artistic skills, counting, and fine motor skills. Preschoolers, especially, love this activity! I always had it in my "flower shop" in my dramatic play area when we studied plants and nature.

To make this work-- get a large styrofoam ball. Cut it in half with a serrated knife. Cut artificial flowers so that the stem is about 4 inches long.

You can do all the same type of flowers or different types. You could also add in some greenery choices for older kiddos! These look so pretty when you cover the entire styrofoam piece with flowers....they'd also make a great gift for grandparents, teachers, etc.