Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dots and Squeezies

My mom sent a little handout she is using with her kindergarteners on some simple deep pressure massage techniques kids can use to calm themselves and parents can use on their kids...and if you are lucky, you might even be able to talk your kiddo into trying them on you!

Gently but firmly press your thumb into the palm of the opposite hand--all around the palm. Dots can also be done on the feet. Avoid fingers and toes.

Start at the wrist and move up to the shoulders--gently but firmly squeeze all around as you move up. can also be done on the legs.

-focus control
-body awareness

*Dots and squeezies can be helpful in providing relief to screaming babies, as well!

I love this simple way to give our children (and ourselves...I will totally be using this on myself and my husband!!) a way to regain self-control. Right now we are in the throws of toddlerdom at our house, and I love tools I can use to redirect my daughter when she is in the middle of melting down. This strategy is simple, interesting because it's something new to toddlers, and puts the locus of control on the child (what they are probably melting down about) while still achieving the parents' desired results.

Add it to your repoitoire!!!
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