Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Simple Christmas toy tutorial

This Santa came out of our Christmas box. No idea where he came from, but Q loves him! He's very small, his head and body are both the size of golf balls. Perfect for a toddler's hand. He gets carried around the house pretty much all the time!

How to:
1) Cut very bottom off golfball-sized styrofoam ball.
2) Lay styrofoam ball onto fabric, wrap fabric up to gather at top of styrofoam ball. Cut excess.
3) String one small wooden bead onto a pipecleaner and move to middle. Fold pipecleaner into fourths, with the hand bead at the bottom. Cover with fabric. Make 2 of these and glue into styrofoam ball.
4)Glue styrofoam ball to golfball-sized wooden ball (from craft store). Wooden ball should cover where fabric was gathered.
5) Form hat with fabric and glue onto head. Cut hat band and beard and moustache from white felt. Glue small pompom for mose, draw eyes and use pink crayon to color cheeks. Attach small pompom to hat.

Older children could do this themselves and make as a ornament!
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