Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New book shelf

We had previously been using a basket to hold Q's books. In my ideal world books are displayed so the child can see the covers. This always makes books much more appealing and also helps to teach children which way print goes as they learn to put the books in the right way (as opposed to upside down). Hubby has promised to build a standing shelf, but I am hesitant to clutter the room with more furniture.
I have been in a "make due with what we have" mindset lately. When I've come to a situation where I've needed something I don't have (ie: a book-holder) I have really tried to scour the items we own (I've heard it called "shopping the house") to see if I can find something to work. I found this paper holder in a box in the garage from our grad school days. Perfect! Okay, it's not gorgeous maple wood, now THAT would be perfect, but it is the next best thing. It only holds 6 books so it naturally limits the selection to an ammount appropriate for a toddler, and it allows the covers to be seen when the child stands over it. We clean up and put the books from biggest to smallest, which reinforces seriation. Yea for repurposed garage junk!! Hope this inspires you to repurpose for your little learner. :)

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