Thursday, December 10, 2009

Glitter management

Glitter.....a great way to make art projects "sparkle," but potentially a HUGE mess!
Try these tips....

Buy an old metal cake pan with high sides (9X13) at a thrift store for less than a dollar. Or the heavy foil ones from the dollar store.

All glittering takes place in this pan. I've called it the Glitter Box with my kiddos.

Glitter one color at a time. I love the glitters that have the holes in the top and can be sprinkled out. If not, kids can use a spoon or their fingers.

After that color is finished, shake excess off project and set aside. Tap all excess glitter to bottom corner of pan. Use heavy paper to make a funnel (roll into funnel shape with bottom small enough to fit inside glitter container) and use this funnel to pour remaining glitter back into the bottle. Adult help is probably necessary!

Any glitter spills can be cleaned up first with a small dustpan and broom (a MUST when you are doing any craft projects and all children need to know how to use this, in my opinion....$1 at the dollar store, BTW) and then dabbed up with a moist sponge.

PS) If you spill it, you clean it is my motto! (of course I sometimes helped, but the spiller had the main cleaning responsibility! It's amazing how many teachers and moms go around cleaning everything up after a craft project and the kids never learn also encourages them to be more careful as they work!)

Ta-da! Painless glittering.