Saturday, January 11, 2014

Teaching Play-doughing

As with any art mediums, it's important to teach the procedure of playdough to little ones!  
One vital skill is "bomp-bomping!"  You know exactly what I mean, right?
At clean-up time when you take a ball of playdough and smash it down on any little lumps that have  escaped you (while saying "bomp-bomp") as you smash each piece into the larger ball?  A definite must-know when it comes to playdough!

For playdough newbies, this makes a great activity. Cover the cookie sheet/art tray with little lumps of playdough.  Use a ball to smash onto the little nibs and pick them up, while of course saying "bomp-bomp!"  

 He loves this!  And best of all, when it's clean up time he knows exactly how to catch any stray playdough pieces!

(not to mention it encourages one-to-one correspondance and fine-motor skills!!)