Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dancing/Obstacle Course

On Wednesdays we dance.  But lately that has turned into more of an obstacle course, which my kids are loving.  The night before (Tues. night) I sorta plan out my course and set out any materials I will need.  We generally use the same stuff with one or two new things each time.  Then on Wednesday the kids have to stay in the playroom while I set up.  Then I put on music and we follow the course!

We do have rules--
-no passing the person in front of you.  If you catch up to them you can jump or run in place while you wait patiently.  
-use the materials correctly 
-no pushing/shoving
-if you accidentally move an obstacle put it back where it was

Before we start the course I take them on a walk through and explain each obstacle.  
Here are some example photos:

We generally have a "step upon" which is something they can walk on that has a texture to it--in this case pom poms.  Sometimes they are in a pan or dish, sometimes just on the carpet.  Bubble wrap, marbles, or any other object that provides texture will work.  I trade this item out most times.  
This is a dish of nuts in shells (pecans, almonds, etc.)  They dump it out, walk across it, and then put them back in the dish.  Step-upons provide sensory input and teach them how to walk carefully on different surfaces.
This guy was not following one of the rules (don't remember which one now) and he had to sit on the couch for a time out.  My kids can definitely get wild and out of control during obstacles, and I don't want any blood or injuries, so we stick to the rules.
Riding the rocking horse:
Jumping across two rugs and into a down comforter, where you wallow yourself into it, then get up again.  We call it the "snow pit."
The tunnel is a big hit.  $4 at the Goodwill.  I see them there often.
Bendy board bridge.  Daddy made these for us.  Some of the best toys ever.
Stepping across to the ottoman:
Jumping off ottoman:

Rocking in the "boat" laundry basket:
We also have another bendy board that we put the other way so it can be rocked upon.  Sometimes we use diving rings that they have to step through.  We've put down a string line that gets walked upon....the possibilities are endless.  My kids LOVE this activity and it is awesome for proprioceptive awareness, motor control, rule following, and energy releasing, among other things!  I will try to post more obstacle course pics as the weeks go by!