Thursday, January 30, 2014

Beginning Origami--making a heart

 Yesterday I introduced 5 year old Quinn to origami.  We looked at simple instructions for making a heart on the tablet then used some origami paper I had on hand to fold our own.  I helped her through the first few--teaching her the essentials like how to line up corners before creasing and how to make crisp folds.  Then after a few with me she was off and folding on her own.  I sat beside her and folded my own hearts and offered help whenever she needed it.  
She LOVED this artform and folded up a dozen hearts to make for people she loves!  She caught on very quickly.  The origami heart (just google instructions--we prefer non-video as it seems easier to follow than youtube videos, but that's just us) is an easy beginning project, and with Valentine's Day approaching it's good timing for heart-folding!

 Obviously there are so many benefits of origami--fine motor, geometry concepts, spatial awareness, sensory awareness, and then just the enjoyment of the artform.  I am excited to think of the world opened to us---Origami wise--that girl and I (and her Daddy, too!) are gonna have lots of fun with the paper-folding.
 Q made this garland for her kindergarten teacher, Ms. Kelsey.  I made my own strand for the mantle in less pastel-ey colors.  :)
 By the way, I would recommend using actual origami paper with beginners.  It folds so much more easily than scrapbook, magazine, or even regular paper.  Plus it's already cut into small squares typically, so that makes it easy to work with.

You should totally get your Origami on!!  Fold away, friends!