Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sun Paintings

 We spent our July learning time learning about the sun.  We didn't go particularly deep or sciency, just had some fun enjoying summer and sunshine.  One day I was throwing away a tp tube and decided it needed to be used for something the next day.  So these little sunshines were born.  We dipped the tp tube in paint and then used our fingers to make the ray around the circle.  Simple but nice.

I spent some time talking to Quinn about the shape of the tube--cylinder (a geometric solid), but that the faces are two circles.  We also talked about the fact that arts don't always just paint with brushes--they also use other objects--sometimes even their fingers!

I showed Beck how to stamp the tp tube on his paper and he did a few, but then it was lots more fun just to smear his hand around in the paint.  Of course this is perfectly fine, as he is exploring the art mediums in his own way!

Below is my work:  (I often work alongside the children, that keeps me from getting "too up in their business" and allows them the freedom to do their own thing, and it also serves as a good model to them about the way Mama enjoys art experiences, too!)