Thursday, June 20, 2013

Car play area for toddler

 Little Man needed a place for his car/truck/vehicle play.  So we recently worked to set him up a little spot!  A felt road with yellow felt lane markers, a box garage (I have a little sign that says "Beck's Garage" to modge podge on it someday soon....), our montessori box (above) that is supposed to hold wooden balls--but all kids who live at/visit my house really love to put cars in it--so we're going with that right now!

 And you know I am not a fan of tubs/baskets of toys typically.  So of course I recommend putting out just a few vehicles at a time.  I needed a way to display/organize them, so Matt whipped up this super simple shelf using scraps in the garage in 5 minutes.  It is not AT ALL fancy, but just something to hold a couple cars!
 And I set out some blocks and a piece of scrapwood for building a ramp.  Great science lessons learned while having fun here!

 Here's the whole area.  Nothing fancy, but definitely does the trick of providing him a play place with his wheeled loves!