Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mulch necklace

One day while we were at the park I noticed that the pieces of mulch were kinda big...and might be good for painting.  I chose some and stuffed them in my pocket and they ended up on my desk in the studio.  One random day Quinn wanted to do some art.  She loves any opportunity to paint something besides paper.  Of course she enjoys painting paper, but getting to paint something else is such a fun task for her.  I took the mulch pieces down to the shop and drilled holes in them then Q and I chose the colors she'd use and got everything ready!  She had the BEST time painting them.  She did one side one day, and then the next day she painted the other sides different colors.  Then she spent a good deal of time choosing some embroidery thread to string them on, and she made a necklace as a birthday gift for one of her friends.  We love giving handmade gifts and Quinn was so proud of her project!  It looked really cute, too.  Too bad I forgot to take a picture. 
So maybe next time you go to the playground you can see those big mulch chunks in new light.  Or even some small sticks.  :)