Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Exodus Story--burning bush

Here is the set up I used for the burning bush story.

Moses with the egyptian soldier he kills:

We have a gold playsilk for "sand" and have Moses "bury" the soldier in the sand. 

Moses runs away to Midian and becomes a shepherd.  Notice his shepherd's staff and sheep.  I needlefelted the sheep using two different patterns.  Quinn let me know that one of them looks nothing like a sheep.  Thanks....  If you aren't a needlefelter I have a cardboard and yarn tutorial posted along with my nativity post that would work, or I've also just used cotton balls or packing peanuts for sheep. 

Then he sees the burning bush and hears from God.  We read the story from our children's Bible. 

I love to include children in the set up of the scenes from the stories.  This helps build understanding and memory, allows them to have ownership, and also promotes fine motor skills.  For the burning bush I have a piece of branch with holes drilled in.  Smaller branches fit in, and then can be decorated with red tulle. 
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