Friday, March 29, 2013

9 of the 10 plagues of Egypt (from Exodus)

Here's our Godly Play set-up for the first 9 plagues:

We revisited our characters from the past sessions--starting with Moses and Aaron visiting Pharoah and asking him to let the Israelites go.

Here's Aaron with his pipecleaner staff....

that turns into a snake:

And you know what Pharoah now for the plagues.

Water to blood--I set up our river scene just like from Baby Moses and we put a piece of red tulle over the water to make it look "bloody."

Next is frogs--I just raided our plastic creatures and got some frogs to spread around--you'll also note we set up the "working scene, " from the Exodus Playset.

You could also fold origami frogs--that would be so cute and they are not too hard to fold.

The next plague is lice--I just tied some pieces of black embroidery floss into knots and left little "wings" on the side.  

We put them all over the people.

And flies--I happened to have some little ones.  You could also use little scraps of black paper, felt, or flannel.  

And pestilence--death of the livestock.  I raided our Nativity scene for the livestock to use.  

And boils--I used a holepunch to make red circles and then this tape/glue pen to make em sticky.  We are storing all the plague materials in an empty oatmeal canister, so the lid was the perfect place for storing the boils.  Don't look at the sticky spots on my kitchen table that show up in the next photo, okay?

And locusts.  We have locust cases all over here in Texas.  So I rounded them up outside.  You might want to keep your eyes open for some to save this summer and have em ready for next spring!  You could also just use little balls of brown paper or anything brown if you are squeamish about bugs or don't have any.  :)  My kids LOVE the real thing!

Talk about how the plagues EVEN affected Pharaoh and his household.....

And hail--black-eyed peas or any white bean.  Even plastic pearl beads would work.   
 And darkness--we used a black cloth napkin over everything.   

And the last plague--death of the firstborn--and Passover--will come in another post!
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