Monday, March 18, 2013

5 Little Bunnies Fingerplay

During circle time the kids and I love participating in some simple rhymes and fingerplays together, and I change them out so that they pertain to our theme or season.  One we are doing right now is 5 Little Bunnies.  You could use your 5 fingers, but I like to use manipulative for the kids to be involved. 
 I made 5 Flannel Knot Bunnies (tutorial HERE) and we keep them tied up in a nice green scarf with "flowers" growing in it--we call it the meadow.  The kids love helping me untie the little bundle. 
Then I read the fingerplay and they help the bunnies hop away.  Through this rhyme they are getting phonemic awareness skills (rhyming words, word endings) and math skills (subtraction). 

I have watercolor cards (again recycled from Q's paintings from school) that I draw on with crayons.  I do simple pictures so the kids will know which rhyme goes with that particular card.  
 On the back I write the words.  This one is not my neatest example of work ever, but pretend you don't notice that, okay?  Thanks. 
5 Little bunnies, brown is what they wore (or whatever color flannel you use!)
1 Hopped away and then there were 4.
4 hopping bunnies, sweet as they could be.
1 hopped away and then there were 3.
3 hopping bunnies with so much to do.
1 hopped to the cabbage patch and then there were 2.
2 hopping bunnies playing in the sun.  
1 hopped into a hole and then there was 1.
I hopping bunny, as cute as a penny.
He hopped under the garden gate, and then there weren't any.