Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's NOT just a Pot!

We've started giving Q her bath in our bathroom so we can multitask and put away laundry or clean up our bedroom while she bathes. This means stepping onto a mob of bath toys every time we want a grown-up shower, though.

We've tried the bags that hang on the tile with suction cups....they stick about 2 weeks, even when we clean the suction cups frequently. I think it's the bumpy texture of our tile. We've used a big colander to corral the toys, but I don't like it sitting out beside the tub when we shower to leave a puddle on the floor and it was too wide to sit on the tub ledge/corner.

I am also a little protective of the little "me space" I have, and don't want my shower decorated with a giant frog toy holder or the likes....fine in her bathroom, but not for ours. I finally HAD IT with the toys littering the bottom of the tub. Time for some googling for creative bath toy storage. And, as Google never fails me, I found the perfect solution for me!

Lindsay, smart online poster, suggested a plastic flowerpot (YES!! I already have one!!) with holes drilled in the bottom (easy peasy). Decorative enough to meet my requirements, perfectly functional to hold and drain toys, and best of all, it fits on the corner ledge just so! Lindsay added a stand to hers, but for me just the pot was enough (and metal puts rust stains on my tub).....

AND....because the pot I happened to already have wasn't super huge, I had to practice one of my mantras and limit the number of bath toys to fit in the pot. What? Limit bath toys, too? Yup, just like any other play area, there can totally be too much of a good thing, and I was noticing this happening lately. Q spent the whole bath time just knocking all her toys into the water or fishing them out of the bubbles to see what was there. She had stopped the imaginary play we'd been seeing via her "tea shop" or "ice cream making" or other imaginary games of the like. So I scaled back the toys and put the excess away in the linen closet to rotate through in good time.

Just in case bath toys are taking over your world, thought I'd share today! (that's mine, pictured. Hers is prettier!)