Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's in our playroom right now....

We are all about being enveloped in all things fall! Well, me, really, and I let it rub off on my little one. :)
To get into the rhythm of the fall season and the harvest, we've been bringing finds from our nature walks into our play. Our playroom table holds a wicker corn-a-copia filled with pecans and other nuts we've harvested (some from our camping trip!!). Dried corn in a basket is fun to carry around and feed to our baby dolls. We sort acorns, pecans and pinecones into their respective baskets.
Through play, my little one is absorbing the essence of fall through her five senses. She knows to smell the green pecans because they smell stringer. She shakes her corn-a-copia to hear the soft tinkle of the nuts. And of course we are learning the properties of there are pecans CONSTANTLY rolling across our playroom floor.

We use the materials for pretend "food" in our little kitchen, we bring some into our artwork, and we use them to make decorations for our dining room.
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