Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kick Bells

These huge jingle bells came from Hobby Lobby. Our infant teacher put a metal ring through some of them (big enough an infants hand could fit through it to be worn on the wrist or grasped by a baby hand) and then elastic on some of the others. Older babies (5 months and up) can use the ringed bells for grasping, hand-to- hand transfering of objects, cause and effect (when I shake it, it makes noise!), mouth exploration, and music time (shaking along to music).
For younger babies who aren't holding objects yet (under 5 months), the elastic bells can be placed around the baby's foot while baby is lying on his back. As he kicks his feet, the bell will make noise.
My silly toddler loved playing with them, too. She liked shaking them while she sang. Toddlers can use them to participate in songs, they can place them on various body parts ("Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake your bell! Put it on your______________.")

Bells are a must-have baby toy for all ages. Even newborns can work with bells. Mommy or Daddy can gently shake the bell and encourage baby to begin to focus their eyes on the source of the sound. At 2ish months the bell can be taken from baby's far left side (baby is lying on his back) in an arc over his head and down to the right side, encouraging baby to track the bell with his eyes. Gentle shaking of the bell may be pleasurable and cause the baby to kick and wave his arms and coo for more!

This is a simple toy that can last for a long time!!! Cheap, easy to make and highly recommended by me and all the babies I've worked with.
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