Sunday, October 3, 2010

Baby Beads

Our infant teacher came up with the great idea of hanging different lengths of mardi gras beads on her door. I took this photo before she had a chance to cut the loop in the bottom (to reduce the choking hazard). These are great for sensory awareness--the children love running their hands down the lengths of the beads. They also make a wonderful sound when they hit against the door as it opens and shuts. The beads allow opportunities for vocabulary experiences including words such as longer, shorter, and color words.

Quinn LOVED these beads as a baby (still does, as you can see from the top photo!) and if I have another baby, I want to remember this and hang some beads in a spot in my house. Thinking maybe near a stool where diaper changes are done or in some area of the house where baby needs to stay busy (for us it would be my laundry room!) Obviously baby would need to be supervised around these.....

I am also thinking these could be fun to hang on a part of the highchair or even the handle of an infant carrier car seat--could let baby have some fun on a car ride!

We had these beads all over the house and I know I never bought any of them, they just seem to appear, so I am considering them a free material. :)
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