Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Zoo!

I took my summer students to the zoo today....which reminded me of a zoo idea I wanted to share, as I know lots of families do the zoo in the summer!

Here is a song I use with the zoo:

This is the way we go to the zoo
Go to the zoo, go to the zoo.
This is the way we go to the zoo.
On a ______ morning (or afternoon, if applicable).

This is the way the tiger roars....

This is the way the elephant stomps....

I always look for examples of any opportunities for my preschoolers and primary students to create their own self-written books. Sometimes as a class, with each student creating a page, and other times each student makes their own book.

For the zoo song, each child could choose an animal, write their own verses following the pattern, and illustrate the picture. For pre-writers, a parent could write the verse, or allow the child to write the letters/words they know.

If you take photos at the zoo, you could tape the photos in the book and write verses about the animals pictured!

Today while I was at the zoo with my big uns, I couldn't help thinking how much Q would LOVE every animal we saw! We have a zoo trip on our summer agenda when my parents come to visit, for sure! And I am thinking we will definitely use the zoo song to make a book after our trip!