Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bubble Painting!

One of Q's teacher sent home some bubble wrap for her to paint as her homework over the weekend. See why I love her little school? Any school that sends painting as homework is right up my alley. :)
Of course we painted with yellow since that's the color we are practicing. I gave her two brushes to choose from. The bigger brush did better getting paint on the bubbles--the smaller one was harder to work with. I had to show her, first, how to put the paint on the bubbles. She would paint them a bit and then wanted to wipe it off with her hand. I am sure it felt so interesting to her! Great sensory exploration--feeling the texture of the bubbles!
I had to tape the bubble wrap on two sides down to the art try to keep it from shifting around as she painted. Masking tape would be ideal, I think, because the scotch tape kept pulling off the wrap. However, I didn't want to leave Q with paint and run out to the garage, so I just kept re-sticking it.
The next thing we did was press some scrap paper onto the painted bubbles. It left neat circle prints all over the paper! So pretty...I am imagining what it would look like if you painted each bubble a different color and then stamped. Older kids could totally do that and it would look great! Would also make great background for a project paper--or even wrapping paper! You could do it on a brown paper sack to turn into a custom gift bag!!
We loved this project and plan to do it again!! I am working to come up with a neat use for the yellow-painted bubbles, too!
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