Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yellow Collage

We are working with Q on learning her colors and focusing on Yellow right now.
Yesterday we did some yellow collage gluing work. I try to use all different mediums for gluing. Yesterday I raided my scrap ribbon box and found some yellow things. I cut them up and put them into a yellow bowl (of course!). Then I put glue dots (using liquid glue in a bottle) on her paper and showed her how to stick the ribbon pieces down.
She explored the glue by sticking her fingers in it, dotted it with her finger on the edge of the art tray, and stuck her fingers together in it. She also enjoyed sticking the ribbon pieces down and then taking them off again. I, of course, allow her to do this, but explain to her that when we glue we want our work to get stuck to the paper. After we glue each piece, we turn the paper upside down so she can see it is stuck.
Glueing is still a very new activity for her, so it usually doesn't go perfectly, and sometimes she's only interested in gluing for 2-3 minutes. That's okay....she's learning!
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