Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Science for Preschoolers....exploring with eyedroppers and water.

When doing science with kiddos, the best way is just to explore, explore, explore!
I put out this invitation for Beck (3) this week.  Actually, two of everything, because I sat down and worked next to him.

Small bowl of water, some pennies, a couple types of eyedroppers, and a sponge.  
 First I taught him how to use an eyedropper (hug him (squeeze), dip him in the ocean, then let him go!) which is tricky for preschoolers, but great fine motor!  A clothespin initially may help demonstrate the concept, as well.
 For a while he just squeezed up water and squirted it out.  Then I taught him how to gently squeeze the drops out one at a time, and we put them onto pennies.  He loved this!

Besides being perfect for fine motor development, this sets great foundations for using scientific tools that he will encounter later on down the road in chemistry!  Also useful for some art procedures!  Ours have paint in them because Q and I have used them to drip watercolor onto coffee filters for art!

Of course since this was the first time with this activity, he didn't spend a real long time with it.  I will bring it back out again repeatedly and he will grow in comfort with it and explore more over time.

I have a couple more directed dropper-water activities I want to do, so I needed to give him some free exploration time with the tools before he was ready to "do stuff" with them!  Stay tuned for more on this!