Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Crown of Thorns Bible Playdough Mat

I had mentioned in earlier posts that I love the Playdough Mats created on the FLAME website.  I printed them, put them in page protectors, and have a binder that my 3 year old son is allowed to work with during communion time each Sunday at worship.

He knows when the screen says the words "communion" that he can get his binder and playdough out, and he waits anxiously every week!

I read the mat to him in a whisper, and I love that he gets to listen to important scriptures about Jesus' sacrifice during this time.  Then he responds with the playdough in different ways, according to the various mats.

For communion time I printed the mats that have to do with communion, Jesus' death and resurrection.

This is a genius idea and I am so glad the Flame website created these!

I used their idea to make a couple more for our communion binder.  This would also be a great playdough mat for the Lenten season and for Holy Week preparation.

This week I made a CROWN of THORNS mat to add to our collection.  I will also put a handful of toothpicks into our bag for him to add to the crown.

If you'd like a copy, you can DOWNLOAD HERE for the printable pdf.

CLICK HERE if you'd like to download my other Playdough mat.