Friday, September 6, 2013

Books to read aloud....

When Quinn was around 4.5 we started reading chapter books aloud to her.  Her very first one was James and the Giant Peach.  Since then we've been through lots of books together.  I do try to be somewhat diligent to make sure they are books that are appropriate for her--in content, her interests, and also her comprehension level.  Some people are proponents of reading any chapter books to their kiddos, but I think I would feel sad if I read her a really good classic and she didn't enjoy it as much because it was way over her head.  So I am trying to save "harder books" for when she is ready.  The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease is a great tool in helping decide which books to read.  I also have lots of books left over from my teaching days to sort through. 

We still take a picture when we finish chapter books--to remember our journey, to celebrate, and to share with family members what our girl's up to!  I love this little tradition and some day plan to turn it into some type of keepsake. 

I plan to share some of the great chapter books we've really enjoyed at this 4-almost-5 season of life. 
Here's one of our very favorites--

Callie, the Flea, and Me
Bill Wallace

It's a bit of a slow read with not a ton of action, but it was such a "comfy" book.  We learned a lot about nature and farm life. 

We happened to check out a library book this week that was the perfect extension to the chapter book--it was called

Two Blue Jays
Annie Rockwell

And it told the story of two jays building a nest and raising the baby birds.  It showed in pictures, step-by-step exactly what happened with the mockingbird family from the chapter book!  Awesome! 
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