Monday, September 16, 2013

A morning devotional

This year our 5 year old is going to a mixed-age kindergarten 3 mornings a week.  That means 3 mornings a week we spend about 25 minutes in the morning driving to school.  One of my resolutions for this school year was to spend that time in worship with my children.  So far it's working great. 
It's nothing fancy.  We sing a few songs, we talk a little bit about spiritual things (whatever comes up), and we spend some time in prayer.  But it's turned into one of my favorite times of the day.  I feel focused and I hope my kids do, too.  We have a pretty drive to school through farmland (and some construction sites--which I am sure my son considers beautiful) and it's very sweet to sing songs of praise as we drive past cattle and trees and fields of tall grass. 

So here's what we do....
I decided I wanted to teach my children some scripture passages that have been put to song, so I chose a few of those--
Come Let Us Sing With Joy to the Lord (Ps 95)
Steadfast Love of the Lord (Lamentations 3)
Unto Thee, Oh Lord (Ps 25)
and then a couple others:
Be Glorified (we sing "In my school Lord, be glorified")
and Holy Spirit Dwell in Me

Q is also learning the books of the New Testatment, so we sing that.  Then she practices her memory verse. 
Then we pray about things on our heart. 

I have a little (definitely not fancy) handwritten agenda I clothespin to the visor in the truck to remind us the songs.  I plan to change it up a bit every so often when we're ready for new songs. 

Q usually reminds us to do "devo" every morning.  Some mornings it goes smoothly, some mornings it gets interrupted.  No matter what, though, I know God sees our hearts directed to Him in worship and my children are learning a valuable habit, so I'm not too hard on us the days it doesn't go perfectly. 
It thrills my heart to hear Q singing the songs at other times of her day.  I grew up singing these songs at church camp in Wyoming--around a campfire at the base of a mountain, in what I'd argue is one of the most beautiful places on I am always transported to that place when I hear these praise songs. 

Several times since we've started our devos my kids have asked to pray at other car ride times.  Q wanted to pray one day for her teacher's hurt foot.  Another day when it was raining Beck said, "ain.  Tank you, God!"  and let us know he wanted to pray and tell God thank you for the rain.

For us this little tidbit of time spent in worship has been simple but powerful. 
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