Sunday, February 3, 2013

Snowflake art

Here's a couple art activities we did this week.  I introduced Little Man to gluing.  Now I am not a fan of calling "crafts" "ART," so let me clarify on this one.  This is the first time he's ever gotten to work with glue.  I cut out a snowflake shape and gave him a bowl of cotton balls to explore.  After a couple minutes I put one dot of glue on his paper and showed him how to stick the cotton ball down.  Of course he wanted to lift it off and look at it, which was fine, then we re-stuck it again.  I put one dot at a time and encouraged him to stick down a cotton ball. We put 7 total on, and then we were done for that day.  A 5 minute total activity, but I will begin to teach him more (and allow for more exploration with) about glue in the weeks to come.  We started slow. 

I had planned on cutting paper snowflakes with Q.  I had the paper all ready and I folded it for her to cut, but she wasn't strong enough to get the scissors to cut through all the layers.  We tried using the holepunch (on even just 1 layer) and it was too hard for her to squeeze, too.  So we ended up with Mama cutting the snowflakes and Q decided she wanted to watercolor them for Grammie, who's in the hospital.  She did really enjoy the anticipating of helping me unfold the snowflake and seeing how it would look!
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