Thursday, November 3, 2011

Leaf Tracers

One great way for little wrists and fingers to build fine muscle control is to trace things. I like to make my own stencils/tracers out of cardboard from our recycle box.

I used some leaf-shaped cookie cutters I had as the template--traced them onto the cardboard, cut em out.

You could also print a template off the internet--try doing a search for "leaf cookie cutter" and you'll get a good template. You could also make a pumpkin, turkey, etc!

I used a bit of the square-mesh plastic drawer liner (also rug backer would work) to glue to the back to help prevent the tracer from moving when my little one traces with it. It's still a big task to hold an object still with one hand and trace with the other, so my little one needs a little help.

You could make all sorts of fun fall projects using this filter leaves to watercolor paint, leaves to hang from chandelier, tissue paper leaves for windows, etc!