Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I got a couple small containers out of our Christmas tubs--just some I had already. They came with the cutest little spoons! I took out the other pouring/scooping work in our beans and changed out for these. This created renewed interest in the beans and Q had a fun time with them this morning.

Other fun ideas would be any Christmas tins, mugs, etc. that could be used. You might notice that these containers are ceramic. I am big on letting toddlers and preschoolers handle fragile items so that they learn to "use gentle touches." Obviously I don't put out items that are precious to me in case they do get broken. Also, I am not overly concerned about an injury if something glass breaks--typically it makes a loud noise that I hear and also children come running right away to tell you when something gets broken, so I've never had an instance of a breakable item shattering without my knowledge. Also, children are pretty low to the ground, so often dropped items survive the fall!

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