Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful Tree

I found a great dried plant (tree? Small bush? not sure) on a walk a couple weeks ago. Clipped off some pieces for a project. On Saturday in Home Depot the bright fall-colored paint chips caught my eye when we passed by I grabbed a handful in different fall colors. At home I used a leaf cookie-cutter, traced the leaf on the back, cut them out, burnished the edges with a dark brown stamp pad and painted the names of our family members on the leaves with white paint. Today Q and I hot glued them onto the branches--she picked where each one would go.
Inside the glass vase are river rocks and white lights.
Love a reminder of people we are so thankful for! Will have fun "reading" the names with Quinn--she can recognize all of them by their first letter!

A free, pretty fall project!

*if I wouldn't have had a leaf cookie cutter I'd have printed a template off google images (put in leaf cookie cutter), copy the image, paste it into Word and make it the size you want.
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