Monday, November 8, 2010

Some scarecrows are our geometry teachers....

Have you noticed that scarecrows are great for teaching shapes and sizes? They often have all the basic shapes on them--triangle, circle, square, rectange. Today on our walk through the neighborhood we looked at the different shapes the neighborhood scarecrows had for noses.

Hobby Lobby has quite an assortment of scarecrows, too. You could go on a shape fieldtrip!

This guy was our favorite on our walk today. While I was photographing him, Alie pulled the jogger over. :( Very sad, Alie. Luckily it's 2 year old contents were still intact and just a little bit scared. It made her feel better to tell Alie "Very sad, Alie. Please be careful," many times, though. She's a bossy one, this girl of ours!
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