Wednesday, August 25, 2010


These little spangles have become an art staple at our house! Sequins are WONDERFUl for so many reasons....
-they encourage fine motor refinement of the pincer skill to pick them up off the table
-can be used to practice color, shape, sizes
-can be sorted and classified by different categories
-are wonderful for practicing gluing skills (placing sequins on dots of glue)
-can be strung on dental floss for very precise fine motor practice (by older preschoolers)
-draw a letter with a dark marker and allow child to cover the lines with glue and then stick on sequins
Plus they are just so pretty!
For not very much money you can sure find a ton of great learning opportunities for these shiny little guys!
Here Q is gluing sequins on a bday surprise for Opa!! She was enraptured by trying these new manipulatives and really enjoyed examining them! We have a multi pack with different shapes, sizes and colors. Cost around $2 at Hobby Lobby.
(ice cube trays, pill boxes, chocolate boxes with compartments, or even small fishing tackle boxes make great sorting containers!!)

Also, try adding a handful to your sensory tub/tray--mix them in with rice, birdseed, beans, corn, etc. and encourage your child to pick them out!
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