Thursday, August 12, 2010

another counting book fave

This book is currently in our favorites rotation. It is a counting book about a duck who gets "stuck in the muck" and different numbers of animals come and try to help. The lines are very repetitive, which allows the child to join in "reading" aloud with you. I love the vocabulary, the predictibility that's just perfect for toddlers, the way the words roll off your tongue (this is the FUNNEST book to read aloud!!) and the gentle way the reader gets to practice counting/number awareness. Q's accomplishment is that she can "read" the title. I point to each word and she "reads" the word. Of course this is because she has heard me point/read these three words so many times, but she is beginning to associate the relationship between one written word to one spoken word. We have also started pointing out other words that begin with the letters she knows. We'll say, "Duck starts like Daddy!" "Stuck starts like Sue!"
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