Monday, September 22, 2014

Communion Focus

Sunday during communion I gave Quinn the following copywork to focus on.  Now it's important to note that she is in a developmental stage where she LOVES copying....if she didn't, this type of work would have been tedious and pointless, but because she is internalizing and processing concepts of print through copying it right now, she loved this and it was perfect for her.  

I started by whispering briefly in her ear a reminder of the different elements of communion and what they meant.  We quickly flipped to I Cor 11 and read about Jesus providing the meaning of the cup and the bread.  (All of this was happening very quietly while the elements were being passed out during worship).  Then she went to work!   

Adding "God" and "Jesus" at the end were her idea.  She was so proud of her writing work, and she re-read it several times during the rest of the communion service.  This was a simple activity that allowed her to work with the concept of communion at her own level.  Obviously I wouldn't do this same activity with her every week, but might offer it as one of two choices for the next few weeks until she gets tired of it.  I might change out the verse or even have her copy from her own Bible.