Friday, June 13, 2014

Mama's toolbox.....the power of re-arranging.

We have a great easel the kids were gifted with a few years back.  I like to change out the arrangement of play/learning/art items in our house.  I believe this is one of a teacher mama's best tools for engaging little ones.  Novelty and the way things are displayed.  

So back to this easel.  We had it in the dining room for a while in the past and the kids played with it a lot.  Then they gradually stopped working with it.  So I put it away for about 6 months--it folds down so I popped it into a closet.  A couple weeks ago I brought it back out.  I set it up in the dining room with some great colored pencils, a marker block, and some chalk.  The kids have gone bonkers over it!  Someone is always drawing something!  It is like they got something new, and in their world they really have.  It's been so long since they've played with it that it's now a new toy!  

 As summer engulfs our world and most of us are a little more fulltime teacher mama's, I encourage you to evaluate your play/learning space.  What things are your kids not really using?  Put them up somewhere for a few months.  Give em a chance to be new toys again!  Or even just move things to a new spot to catch your kids' eyes from a different perspective.   Trade out some art supplies.  Freshen up your play kitchen or your block area or even your bookshelf.  Spend 30 minutes doing a little purposeful rearranging and you will be amazed at the power this small action has!

This tactic works wonders for any age--even adults like a freshened-up space!  Try moving your table a different direction or your living room around to a different arrangement.  It will add a nice element of change to your "nest" and a little variety to your summer.   And babies--they love this tactic, too.  Adds so much interest to their world!  Move their mobile or change out what is over their changing area.  Put something different on the wall above their crib.  Change the direction their highchair many options!!  Get creative, teacher mamas!