Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pretend Play Gas Station...simple version.

 While I am certainly in favor of creating intentional, planned dramatic play experiences for my kiddos, I must admit that some of their favorite play scenarios/set-ups come about happenstance and require very little effort and preparation.  

Beck (24 months) is in love with gas stations, getting gas (or watching Mommy, to be precise) and points out every station we pass (at the top of his lungs).  So one evening when we were playing this past week and he was driving around in his box car, I decided we should have a gas station.  Q write "GAS" on a piece of scratch paper with a crayon.  She decided gas costs $85 (her current favorite number) so I wrote that.  We brought in our makeshift cash register from the playroom, tucked a piece of ribbon tied onto a plastic funnel into the ottoman, cut a gas door in the box car, and VOILA!  My kids have played "Gas" for days!  And think of all the skills they are benefitting from--money awareness, counting (as they count out the dollars and coins), practical life, dramatic play, turn taking......

Oh yeah, Q put that afgahn out on the floor to be the parking lot at the gas station.  Duh, Mommy forgot all about that detail.  :)

 So....look for ways to build upon your child's interest and create small "play opportunities" during the time you spend together this week.  As a parent you can scaffold your child's learning and imagination in this way--take what they start out with and stretch/build upon it just a little bit.  And have fun together!