Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Seashell fun

This activity was a sensory activity that was modified to address each of my children's developmental level.  We started by just encouraging Beck to drop the shells in the water and grab them out again.  We also showed him how to brush and clean the shells.  As expected, he was interested for about 2 minutes, then the cat got the best of his attention and he crawled off after him.  Q "washed" (AKA scrubbed with plain warm water and a scrub brush) the shells.  Then she noticed some had tiny holes in them and some did not, so we got two containers and 2 signs were made.  They were then sorted by Holes and No Holes. 
For Beck this activity promoted vocabulary development, practical life, science skills, and sensory awareness.  For Quinn it included the above plus emergent reading and writing, classifying skills and even some premath skills as we talked about which dish held more. 

And all the sorting tired Beaux out.  So he guarded the shells and napped.
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