Thursday, July 26, 2012

Peter, John and the Crippled Man

These past couple of weeks we've been focusing on the story of Peter and John and the crippled man. 
You know how I always have a "use what I have" mentality, so when I was preparing for this activity I raided my studio with that in mind.  I ended up using a large macrame bead (I think that's what it is?  It was in a hand-me-down stash of craft supplies....) and some pipe cleaners.  I wanted the man to have legs that could be "hurt" and then have there be a tangible way to see them working correctly.  So when he is crippled (in the story) we smush them all up and watch him fall over.  When Pepeter calls upon Jesus' power to heal him, we straighten them out again. 

The top picture has the "temple" built from blocks and Peter and John headed to pray.  Notice I haven't yet painted John....but you get the idea.  Eventually my plan is to have a complete set of painted apostles as they are introduced in the various stories we study.  At the time of this posting John is half-painted up in the studio.  :)

We read the story and manipulate our objects to match the storyline. 

Here's our memory verse--from the International Children's Bible.

We have a "Bible study basket" that holds past manipulatives.  After story time Q enjoys playing and exploring with the manipulatives on her own....often making up new stories or adding on.  Here she is wearing the "fire hat" from a while back.  She can't ever get enough of that.  :)
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