Sunday, June 3, 2012

Who Loves Baby book.....

I decided last week it was time for a new Mama-made book for the little guy.  So I ordered some photos and raided my craft supplies!  I have been working on it in little spurts here and there and finally resolved to get it finished today!

I used a blank chipboard book--actually 2 of them so I'd have enough pages.  One was square and the other circle.  Not ideal--I'd have loved them to match, but I was determined to use what I had.  I just used scraps of scrapbook paper (ha) I had around and some rubber stamps. 

I copied this page out of a children's Bible we have.  It's the first page. 

Then on subsequent pages I glued scrapbook paper, attached the photo and stamped on the names. 

I used wide clear tape to "laminate" the book, since the thicker chipboard doesn't fare well with traditional laminating. 

I used a binder ring to attach it all together. 

Nothing fancy or amazing, but a fun book to read with our little guy and very high-interest since he knows all the people in the photos AND he is in them all, as well!  I also love that it serves as a little memory book.  :)  Quinn had similar books as a baby and they were her favorite books!  She still loves going back and looking at them. 
I only used the chipboard books cause I had them laying around and wanted to find a way to use them for something.  You could totally use cardstock, cereal box cardboard, or even just plain paper.  I would not recommend corrugated cardboard as it starts "shedding" little scraps of cardboard when you try to tape it. 
As Beck gets older we'll begin to talk about each family member's "Letter" (first letter of their name) and this book will be a useful tool for that!!

Older kids and preschoolers could work on making a book like this on their own!  They could write the names themselves and even record information about each person--birthday, where they live, etc. 
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