Wednesday, March 7, 2012


We changed over to some "springy" work in the playroom. I have put out these little birds the past two years and Q wasn't too enamored with them, but this year she is having a blast with them! So it goes to show that repeat offerings of toys/work may show varying degrees of interest at different ages.

The birds are those little "mushroom birds" from Hobby Lobby. I actually think I got them at the dollar store. I love that they require gentleness when handling know my soapbox about teaching children how to handle delicate items and allowing them practice with them......
The three bottlebrush birds are actually Christmas ornaments that were hanging on our branch in the playroom. The feathers were Q's own additon, she pulled them off a collage she had made at school because she wanted them with her birds.

The little birdhouse below came from the Walmart craft section a few years back. I sewed the little birds out of felt with a ribbon for little fingers to put in and out of the birdhouse. (The regular birds fit inside great but are a real bugger to get only these "ribboned" birds are allowed to live in the birdhouse). She liked it as a toddler, but she still loves it now! I didn't think she'd like these birds since they don't look as real, but she does!

I also put out some simple bird cards I happened to have. They are notecards with a photo of a bird on the front and the name and a couple facts on the back. I can read them to her and also quiz her on the different bird types. Great science and literacy.
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