Thursday, December 23, 2010

More Toddler Holiday Art

Yesterday the toddlers (my nephew is here for a few days while his parents settle in at home with his newborn bro) made pretty Christmas trees! I cut out the three from green paper. We gave them 4 colors of paint and some Q tips and let them have fun! I showed them briefly how to use the Q tips to make dots for lights, but neither wanted to do that, which was fine. Then they glued a star on the top!
Our after-nap project yesterday was to make a Christmas Light Lit House....since we were going to look at lights later that night. I cut out the house from brown cardstock. We gave the kids a gluestick to put the house on the green paper. Then they worked with tubes of washable glitter glue to put "lights" on the houses. Unfortunately my glitter glue is about ready to be replaced and was pretty dried up and not squeezing out real well....but they had fun all the same! Love those tubes of glitter glue, by the way, and Q does, too! Perfect stocking stuffer, if you're still in the market for items for your kiddos!
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