Tuesday, September 14, 2010


We buy bulk glitter at school. It's cheaper. And when it gets shaken out all over the table, we just pour it back the teacher I worked with shared this great tip for making your own little shakers.

She just filled a tiny paper cup (you could use a small tupperware container, a large lid, etc.) with some glitter, wrapped it in foil and then used some pointy scissors to make holes all over the top.

The great thing is you can make the holes as big or small as you want--depending on how fast you want the glitter to come out!

You could make the same thing for shaking out tiny confetti, small beans, beads, etc. This is great fine motor work, as it uses the child's wrist movement.

I loved a new twist on glittering, and it's great for kids to experience the same art medium in different ways!
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