Monday, August 27, 2012

Sensory play

We've been doing some simple sensory play with water lately to go along with our ocean unit.  This particular day I made green ocean water.  We've been looking at ocean water in different photographs in books and talking about the different colors we see.  Q and I watercolored an ocean and used different colors of blues and greens (post to come soon!). 
A friend loaned us a set of small ocean animals, so we've been having fun catching them.  I had a small slotted spoon that came with one of Q's kitchen sets, and then I made another little net with a piece of wire and some tulle I robbed from Beck's birthday bow stash.  They have fun catching the animals and Beck likes to feel the water and splash. 
This is a very simple sensory activity and nice because I can leave it out and we can revisit it several times during the day.  Q can of course stay engaged for long periods of time, but Beck has a very short attention span and so we like to come back and explore throughout the day. 
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